Martin Higgins

Martin Higgins

Senior Principal

Areas of Expertise: Agile Transformation, Analytics, Cloud, Core Systems, Data Warehousing, DevOps, Health Insurance, Life/Annuities/Benefits, Property/Casualty, Software Engineering

Martin Higgins is a Senior Principal at Aite-Novarica Group. He has over two decades of experience working in insurance technology, having served as Practice Director for Edgewater Consulting, where he was responsible for the company’s property and casualty business nationwide. He has expertise in technology strategy, core system selection and implementation, Agile transformation and DevOps, business intelligence, systems integration, legacy modernization, software development, and data warehousing in property and casualty, life/annuity, and health insurance. His most recent experience includes founding a boutique property-and-casualty-focused consultancy that worked with transformative business intelligence, data warehousing, and analytics software, and serving as VP of Solutions Engineering for a core systems vendor. Martin holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Imperial College in London and a B.Sc. in Physics from University of Lancaster in the U.K.




Thursday, September 9, 2021 | 1:00 P.M. E.T.
Free Registration Required (Insurer Clients and Council Members Only) Presenters: Mitch Wein, Head of Financial Services Executive Partner Service, Aite-Novarica; VP of Research and Consulting, Aite-Novarica; Dan Bevis, Senior Architect, Tokio Marine North America; Vikas Shah, Chief...
July 21, 2020
(RECORDING AVAILABLE) In this session, Novarica senior team members Rob McIsaac, Jeff Goldberg, and Martin Higgins gave an overview of Low-/No-Code technology, discussed current use cases in the insurance industry, and also provided a brief update on the COVID-19 global pandemic. For further...

Analyst Views

June 14, 2021
Enterprise architecture (EA) is an area of growing investment across all insurance segments. After years of a centralized, directive-oriented model, EA is transitioning toward a more federated model. The primary driver is Agile, which has demonstrated benefits that extend well beyond improved success metrics in project delivery. This transformation is changing both the role of EA and how the...
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August 6, 2020
You can’t improve what you can’t measure, or so the saying goes. Whether this is universally true or not, we in IT spend a lot of time working with and thinking about metrics. How is this project tracking against the budget? What is the velocity of that scrum team? How frequently are we releasing to production? Most software delivery metrics have inherent limitations. They can only convey...
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