400 Under 40

400 UNDER 40

Aite-Novarica’s 400 Under 40 is a private networking and knowledge-sharing group for young, high-producing agents that will share the future of the insurance industry. Technology is evolving faster than most insurance companies can keep up. Your knowledge about the best way to do business will define the insurance industry of tomorrow.

400 UNDER 40

We are an exclusive networking and research community for high-performing young insurance professionals. We want the insights and best practices of future insurance leaders to help shape the industry today.

Aite-Novarica manages the 400 Under40 council to generate insights and perspectives for its insurer clients. Aite-Novarica does not sell services directly to agents and brokers.

What’s in it for me?

  • An opportunity to shape the industry by helping insurers understand what professionals like you need.
  • The right to use the “Aite-Novarica 400 Under 40” badge in your digital profile and marketing.
  • A complimentary copy of each study you participate in and a monthly newsletter of industry trends.
  • Invitations to private networking events and optional participation in a private member LinkedIn group.
  • Opportunity to participate in Impact Awards program

Agents of Industry

Total net written premium for US insurance industry is over one trillion dollars. Over 90% of that business is written by insurance agents. The average age of an insurance agent is around 55 years old.

Meet Some of our Existing Members

Ben Rathbun
Carriers can help agents by building capabilities that help clearly explain the coverage differences between products. This would reduce the due diligence required on our end and allow us to communicate differentiators to our clients


Matt Naimoli
Agents need to move to a fully proactive model for servicing and renewing and only focus on actual client interaction, spending the rest of the time on marketing, branding, and networking. Technology that can enable that will win big—and quickly.


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