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Maximizing the Potential of CNP: Collaboration via 3-D Secure Is Key

3DS has become the cornerstone of CNP risk mitigation for issuers and merchants around the globe.

Canadian Open-Loop Prepaid Card Market Forecast: 2019 to E2025

The Canadian open-loop prepaid card market continues to see consistent growth, staying resilient and posting gains against multiple factors.

CISO Guidance for Zero-Trust Architecture: A NIST-Based Approach

Suddenly, every product is the silver bullet to deploying a zero-trust model.

Business and Technology Trends: Workers’ Compensation

Mobile devices and newer technologies offer workers’ compensation insurers greater possibilities to mitigate losses.

Aite Matrix: Buy Now, Pay Later

BNPL solutions are dramatically changing the way consumers interact with merchants, both online and in-person.

2021 Global ESG Regulatory Landscape: View From the Buy-Side

The attention on sustainability issues and ESG disclosures has pushed forward policy actions, but global consistency remains out of reach.

U.S. Registered Investment Advisor Landscape: A Market Monitor

The 12 fee-only firms within the top 25 RIAs grew AUM significantly faster than the 13 hybrid firms in 2020.

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