Wednesday, December 15, 2021 | 11:00 a.m. ET

De-Commoditizing Business Credit: Why Excellence In Loan Servicing is a Holy Grail

Low interest rates and a swamping oversupply of capital have long been exerting brutal downward pressure on commercial banks’ rates of return, circumstances that seem unlikely to ease any time soon.  What’s a commercial banker to do? It turns out that the answer is right in lenders’ loan operations areas. Once a loan closes, it’s loan operations departments and their daily impact on the borrower experience, excellent or otherwise, that most impacts a borrower’s price sensitivity and likelihood to churn, sometimes more so than their counterparts in the so-called “front office.”

In this live webinar, join Aite-Novarica Group Strategic Advisor David O’Connell to learn more about excellence in loan servicing: how it de-commoditizes credit, what it looks like, how it’s achieved, and what a roadmap to excellence in loan servicing looks like.  


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