Young Agent Spotlight: Carlos Camacho Marrero at Dakota Financial Services

How did you get into insurance?

A friend of mine was working in insurance, and he decided to go a different route. This created an opening, which I decided to pursue. I write mainly personal lines such as home and auto insurance.

How do you approach prospecting?

My main approach is just to be myself. I focus on people I know and build on those relationships. Then I try and get them to introduce me to people they know. I stress that I am there to help them with their insurance needs.

How do you build relationships with carriers?

Communication is very important! As well as paying attention to how they like to do business. Learn what time frame they take to get back to you, and learn their schedule so you know what you’re getting into.

What technology do you use for work?

Inside the agency, we work with Microsoft Teams and AMS. Externally, cell phone is very important, including text messages. It all depends on the customer, however, whether they prefer text, calls, emails, or old-fashioned mail—we work to accommodate their needs.

What advice do you have for a new agent just entering the industry?

I’ve been an agent for three years, and I would say to anyone that is interested in being an insurance agent that they should try it, because all customers are looking for something different. They could be looking for your style of service.

Insurance is a world of its own, and it’s a great industry to be in. It’s not your typical job. Insurance is everywhere—you’re not going to run into just one type of person if you work in this industry. No matter who you’re working with, though, it’s all about staying on top of your tasks and getting back to your customer.

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