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How Financial Services Can Benefit From Inorganic Intelligence

How Financial Services Can Benefit From Inorganic Intelligence

Computational technologies are being combined and applied in a variety of ways, and taken together have eclipsed artificial intelligence’s (AI) original promise, so Aite Group is introducing a new term for them: “inorganic intelligence.”

Aite Group senior analyst David B. Weiss will be discussing the genesis of inorganic intelligence, outlining its technologies, and highlighting its multiple current and near-term applications in financial services.

Key takeaways include:

  • Immediate application of inorganic intelligence for robo-advisors, automated trade surveillance, and risk management
  • Challenges for adoption including macro challenges, human desires, technology
  • Benefits of adoption including identifying and mitigating cyberthreats, developing more intuitive marketing and operations analytics, and streamlining client onboarding

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