Wednesday, July 14, 2021 | 11:00 a.m.

Can We Finally Throw Out Passwords?

Despite decades of innovation, passwords still lay at the heart of all IT systems and online platforms. These pesky, anachronistic, memorized secrets are so well rooted in our daily routines that it was easy to miss their dramatic effect on businesses’ efficiency and security for a long while. Today, with the pains of passwords clear to everyone and after many consumer products have released their users from using passwords altogether, the business world is following suit with the ambitious yet necessary goal of having a fully password-free workforce. Unsurprisingly, achieving such a feat in complex enterprise environments is significantly more challenging.

In their first-of-a-kind report, the Aite Group offers an unprecedented view of the passwordless market for the enterprise workforce. The report explores key trends and discusses how passwordless technology has evolved to fit any organization type.

Join senior analyst Steve Hunt and Secret Double Octopus’ CEO Raz Refaeli to hear the latest on workforce passwordless authentication, get exclusive market insights and learn real-world success stories on passwordless authentication in tier-1 global enterprises.


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