Johnny Lam

Johnny Lam

Global Account Director

Johnny Lam is a Global Account Director at Aite-Novarica, overseeing the business development and client engagement function for the West Coast. He works closely with clients to better understand the gaps that an organization needs to close and to partner strategically to achieve their desired positioning in the market.

Prior to Aite-Novarica, Johnny has partnered with chief information officers/IT roles while at Forrester to help optimize their IT function to align with business objectives, chief information security officers and security professionals at IANS to advise organizations how to best mitigate exposure, and most recently, product marketing and strategy roles at TBR to help organizations better understand the addressable market and how to best compete with their peers.

Johnny holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and is an avid golfer and surfer. His “Most Interesting Man” moments include sailing to Martha’s Vineyard with Geraldo Rivera, training with UFC fighters, and spotting Justin Timberlake's bench press at Sports Club/LA.

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