Insurer CIO Foundations: Leadership, Practices, and Technology

Report Summary

Insurer CIO Foundations: Leadership, Practices, and Technology

Deb Zawisza
Senior Principal

April 2020 - CIOs rely on a set of capabilities that span leadership, practices, and technology to deliver business value effectively. In today’s dynamic environment, business-as-usual is a history lesson.

CIOs that exceed business partner expectations have learned how to adapt from legacy practices to nimble delivery models. They have also figured out how to tackle complex legacy and digital data challenges to optimize experiences for external and internal stakeholders.

This brief describes key capabilities that are foundational for insurer CIOs.

Key Points and Findings

  • Alignment with business partners is crucial for CIOs to advance their agenda. Linking technology investments to business value is a crucial enabler for sustainable partnerships.
  • Modern practices for delivery, operations, and architecture enable IT to pivot. Flexible capabilities and lightweight processes maintain forward momentum as business needs change.
  • Cloud changes the game from defense to offense for new capabilities. CIOs can be ready for the next set of innovative ideas without lengthy infrastructure and procurement cycles.

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