Establishing Solution Provider Relationships: Systems Integrators

Report Summary

Establishing Solution Provider Relationships: Systems Integrators

Martin Higgins
Senior Principal

February 2020 - Successful insurers build strategic partnerships with their systems integrators by establishing an effective relationship at several levels, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Core system implementations and upgrades are massive undertakings that often require leveraging systems integrators with experience in the selected components. The success of the solution is often determined by the expertise and quality of services delivered by these systems integrators.

This CIO Checklist highlights some of the best practices for selecting a systems integrator (SI), developing strategic partnerships, and creating a contract that defines expectations and roles for all involved parties. It is the second of four installments on establishing solution provider relationships.

The Checklist

  • Take a best-of-breed approach when selecting an SI team
  • Choose a strategic partner versus a low-cost provider
  • Define assigned resources and roles
  • Outline requirements carefully and consider a discovery period
  • Define deliverables, sprints, and predicted outcomes
  • Define acceptance criteria
  • Establish transparency
  • Outline governance and escalation processes
  • Understand the importance of referenceability over incentives and penalties


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