You Are Invited to Join Our Exclusive Charter Advisor Group

We are bringing together a select group of highly experienced leaders for a virtual meeting (date TBD) as Charter Advisors of our new Executive Partner Service (EPS) designed specifically for Chief Information Security Officers in financial services/banking organizations.

Charter Advisors guide us in focusing the research and advisory support on your organization’s most pressing information security challenges.

Interested in becoming a Charter Advisor?

Find out more about joining the Charter Advisor group and get a free copy of our first brief CISO Guidance for Zero-Trust Architecture.

Mitch Wein

Head of Financial Services Executive Partner Service

Areas of Expertise: Banking, International IT Leadership and Transformation, IT Strategy and Architecture, Life/Annuities/Benefits, Property/Casualty, Wealth Management

Executive Partner Services provides one key executive and their team with:

  • Direct consultations with our executive partner team on demand, for you and your team, any time, on any topic or issue.
  • An annual virtual workshop session for your team on general trends and best practices in your key product lines, or a deep dive on a specific strategic issue.
  • Facilitated 1-on-1 conversations with other senior executives in our Research Council network
  • On-demand “snap polls” of our network on topics of interest.
  • Access to our knowledgebase of published information, including special best practices and benchmarking reports only available to Executive Partner Service clients