Most of Aite-Novarica's experts have 10 or more years of direct experience working for financial institutions, technology vendors, or both. Their hands-on experience gives them an intimate knowledge of the world and contexts in which our customers operate, and it allows them to offer actionable—not pie-in-the-sky—recommendations as they research, consult, and partner with our clients. 

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Head of Banking & Payments Insights & Advisory
Areas of Expertise: 
Cash Management
Core Systems
Corporate Mobile Banking
Corporate Portals
Customer Onboarding
Digital Transformation
Global Cash Management
Integrated Receivables
RDC/Mobile Capture
Small-Business Banking
Christine Barry serves as the head of Banking & Payments, Insights & Advisory, focusing on the strategies and technology implementations of global banks of all sizes. Her recent research has addressed global cash management trends and technologies, capturing the valuable small-...  MORE
Director, Commercial Banking & Payments Practice
Areas of Expertise: 
Cross-Border Payments/Remittances
B2B Payments
B2C Payments
Integrated Receivables
Payment Automation
Payment Hubs
Real-Time Payments
Erika Baumann serves as Director of Aite-Novarica’s Commercial Banking & Payments practice, focusing on payables and receivables technology and solutions. She has over 10 years of experience in the wholesale banking space, bringing expertise from both banking and fintech vendor...  MORE
Strategic Advisor
Areas of Expertise: 
Virtual Accounts
Corporate Treasury
Enterprise Blockchains
Liquidity Management
Open Banking
Supply Chain Finance
Trade Finance
Enrico Camerinelli is a Strategic Advisor at Aite-Novarica specializing in commercial banking, cash and trade finance, and payments. Based in Milan, he brings a strong European focus to Aite-Novarica’s Commercial Banking practice. Enrico has been widely quoted by publications ranging...  MORE
Strategic Advisor
Areas of Expertise: 
Accounts Payable and Receivable
Customer Onboarding
Cash Management
Voice of Customer
Paul Kizirian is a Strategic Advisor serving on Aite-Novarica Group’s Commercial Banking & Payments practice. He has over 20 years of consulting experience in the wholesale banking space helping more than 100 clients transform or streamline their global financial operations and innovate new...  MORE
Senior Associate
Areas of Expertise: 
Benjamin Nestor is a Senior Associate with the Commercial Banking & Payments practice. He has nearly a decade of experience in higher education as a teacher, archivist, and researcher, in addition to a background in marketing. He has a Ph.D. (A.B.D.) and M.A. in History. As a doctoral...  MORE
Strategic Advisor
Areas of Expertise: 
Regulatory Topics in Lending
Loan Servicing
Fraud in SMB Lending
Commercial Lending
Small-Business Lending
David O’Connell is a Strategic Advisor with Aite-Novarica’s Commercial Banking team, where his primary coverage area is lending. A former commercial lender of 14 years, David brings to his lending coverage extensive hands-on and granular knowledge of banks’ challenges in building businesses that...  MORE
Strategic Advisor
Areas of Expertise: 
B2B Commercial Payments
Artificial Intelligence
Commercial Cards
Canadian Payments
Small-Business Payments
Gilles Ubaghs is a Strategic Advisor with Aite-Novarica’s Commercial Banking & Payments practice, where he is focused on business-to-business and commercial payments as well as the role of digital transformation across the enterprise and broader financial services sector. Gilles...  MORE


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