Eco-Friendly Card Material: Bringing Sustainability to Card Issuance

Card issuers may have a window of opportunity to attract or retain accounts by issuing a card made with eco-friendly materials, finds the latest Aite Group report.

Boston, September 8, 2020 — Although plastic is ubiquitous, it can negatively affect the environment during its production and when it is discarded. Sea life may experience the biggest impact as millions of tons of plastic accumulates in oceans and waterways. There are glimpses of hope, however, and tides may be shifting in favor of environmental sustainability. Financial institutions are not likely to be immune to this shift, but environmentally friendly card materials may enable them to reduce plastic waste. A new Aite Group report, Eco-Friendly Card Material: Bringing Sustainability to Card Issuance, provides background on the global sustainability movement and research that indicates that consumers are more cognizant of environmental issues and favor products marketed as sustainable.

“In support of changing attitudes and behaviors, environmentally friendly card materials enable financial institutions to potentially reduce plastic waste and the need for first-use polyvinyl chloride, which is considered to cause environmental damage during production,” explains David Shipper, senior analyst at Aite Group.

This report helps issuers understand how environmentally friendly card material can have a positive impact on the environment and, potentially, the bottom line. Based on research commissioned by CPI Card Group, it leverages Aite Group’s Q1 2020 interviews with 20 key decision-makers for retail banking and card activities at issuers in the U.S. and Canada.

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