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July 26, 2021 by Robert McIsaac

With the continued evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, this seems to be a particularly good time for CIOs and their IT organizations to revisit future-state plans around talent management. Applying lessons learned from the financial world could make insurer IT organizations better at managing human capital.

July 21, 2021 by Vinod Jain

A data scientist’s dream is to get consistently clean, complete, accurate, and on-demand data sets—and in the form they can use. Data scientists measure and analyze multiple data sets including economic, social, market, environmental, and political information. Portfolio managers expect their data scientist teams to analyze large/disparate data sets within their models to provide the most extensive influence possible on their trading strategies.

July 21, 2021 by Matthew Josefowicz

I’m proud to announce that Novarica has joined with leading financial services insights and advisory firm Aite Group to form Aite-Novarica Group.

July 20, 2021 by Susumu Suzuki

現金に代わる支払い手段としては(物理的な)カードの利用が圧倒的ですが、スマートフォンによるモバイル決済もじわじわとシェアをのばしています。更に「スマホ決済はモバイル決済の第一歩」だとして、より便利/より簡単/より早いをめざしたペイメント手段の研究もおこなわれています。アイテ-ノバリカ・グループでは、6つの新たな決済手段(「ウエアラブル機器」「コネクテッドカー」「バイオメトリックスPOS端末」「バーチャルアシスタント」「体内埋め込みチップ」「脳波による支払(Pay by Thoughts)」)に関する最新動向と消費者の理解に関するヒアリングとアンケート調査を行い、レポート:「Beyond Cards and Moblie Phones:  Payment Form Factors of the Future」にまとめました。

■ より便利でスピーディーな支払い手段